Big Stick Rifles™ offers a limited lifetime warranty on the Gladius™ and Greyfyre™ Rifles.

limited lifetime warranty

Our limited lifetime warranty covers parts, upper assemblies, and rifles that are referred to as products in our warranty. Any eligible product sold by Big Stick Rifles™ that becomes defective, will be repaired or replaced at no charge, but will be subject to the conditions of our limited lifetime warranty.


If the products cannot be repaired or replaced, we will offer you a similar item at no charge, which is to be solely determined by Big Stick Rifles™. This warranty covers the products against manufacturer’s defects only. It does not cover the replacement or refinishing of parts that are subject to normal wear throughout the lifespan of the products. This warranty covers the products as originally sold but does not extend to products altered or rebuilt after their original purchase, or products used other than for their legal intended purposes. It does not apply to scopes or accessories attached to the products when purchased.

This warranty does not cover any product which was damaged due to misuse, abuse, neglect, carelessness, accident, alteration, or modification to the product. The warranty does not cover lost or stolen products. The warranty does not cover consequential damages.

The warranty applies to only the original purchaser, proof of purchase is required for any product that is covered under our warranty.


Watch the Greyfyre™ / the Gladius™ in action.

Big Stick Rifles™ owner Ryq Farnow with a great video walk
through of the Gladius™ and the Greyfyre™ Rifles.

Want to see more? Watch this short
Greyfyre™ and Gladius™ video.